Our permanent exhibition, Heirs of War, is an opportunity to learn about the stories of the descendants and the relatives of sailors who served during World War II.

How did the war change their parents? What objects did they brought back? What impact did this military experience had on their families once they returned to civilian life? From epic naval battles to surprising friendships, meet the men and women who fought for peace, through the stories told by the people who knew them best.

Bateau de guerre le K198 image du musée Naval
Germaine Perry dans un kiosque pour anciens combattants … Expo Qu‚bec, Qu‚bec, ann‚es 1980 - Fonds Germaine Perry

« She really wanted to help others. This was something that motivated her throughout her life. »

Reserve Collection

Discover some of the most representative objects of our collection in the heart of our Museum’s exhibition room. Information displays provide an opportunity to learn about navigation instruments, medals, uniforms and model ships.