In 2023, the Naval Reserve of Canada will celebrate its 100th anniversary. For the occasion, great festivities will be organized throughout the country. The Naval Museum will join the celebrations with special programming highlighting the Naval Reserve’s outstanding contribution to Canadian history.

Nearly 200 meters long and two stories high, the Centennial Mural of the Naval Reserve of Canada is one of the largest artistic murals in Canada. Immerse yourself in history and let this monumental work by artist Paul Abraham take you back more than 100 years, to the genesis of a daring adventure: that of the life and origins of the Naval Reserve of Canada.

Paul Abraham, artiste en arts visuels et créateur de la Fresque du Centenaire, dans son studio.

Because of its scale, we present the Fresco to you in five parts. Find out more about the great figures and major events that make up this monumental work.