Équipage du HMCS Chilliwack au port de Saint-Jean de Terre-Neuve au printemps 1944. On peut y apercevoir Laurent St-Pierre.

Our Mission

The Naval Museum of Québec’s (Stanislas Déry Museum) mission is to acquire and collect the tangible and intangible evidence of the Canadian Naval Reserve and the naval history of the St. Lawrence River; to preserve and communicate this evidence to the public for research, education and enjoyment; and, through its historical research, to serve society by making it aware of the impacts of war and the value of peace.

Our History

The Naval Museum of Québec (Stanislas Déry Museum) is the only one of its kind in the Quebec City area and is one of the 73 official museums of the Canadian Armed Forces. It opened its doors on May 20, 1995, when the Pointe-à-Carcy Naval Complex was established in the Old Port of Québec. During the grand opening, the Right Honourable Jean Chrétien, Prime Minister of Canada at the time, unveiled an official plaque dedicating the museum to Lieutenant-Commander Joseph-Alexis-Stanislas Déry, a veteran of the Naval Reserve and the first donor of the Museum’s collection. 

In 2008, the Naval Museum of Québec’s exhibition room was named after Mr. Paul-Henri Bouchard, in honour of this Naval Reserve veteran’s dedication. He fought long and hard for the creation of a naval museum and worked as a volunteer at the museum for many years after its opening.

Over the past several years, the Naval Museum has been well positioned in the field of modern museology by proposing new approaches in the world of military museums, such as the theory of impacts. This ethno-social approach focuses on the historical dimension that is connected to objects, their stories and the testimonies associated with them. It allows the objects to “tell” their stories and reveal their multiple significations, which helps raise public awareness about the impacts of war in order to better promote peace.

Today, thousands of people visit the Museum annually. It is a must-see attraction for anyone wishing to learn more about the history of Canada’s Naval Reserve and the naval history of the St. Lawrence River.

Our Team

  • Vincent O'Neill

  • Samuel Venière

    Historian and Project Manager
  • William Lacasse

    Senior Guide and Researcher
  • Audray Charbonneau

    Project Administrator
  • Mégane Coulombe

    Museology Technician

During the summer, members of the Naval Reserve join the team to better serve you at the Museum.

Plateau de la collection d'artefacts du Musée Naval

Our Collections

The Naval Museum of Québec has a large collection of 9286 artifacts, most relating to the Royal Canadian Navy’s participation in World War II and the history of Canada’s Naval Reserve, mainly in Québec. This collection essentially comprises donations from veterans.

War memorabilia, navigation instruments, uniforms and model ships are evidence of the involvement of the men and women who served their country. Some of our exceptional objects include Frédéric Rolette’s sword, Gilles Lamontagne’s life jacket, an 1805 carronade, the Silver Destroyer trophy, and the Jeffy Jan II yacht. The Museum also displays other objects of interest such as ship bells, medals, and artworks.

Archives Centre

The 3477 archival documents preserved at the Naval Museum allow one to dive into the daily lives of World War II veterans. Enrolment, anguish, courage, return to civilian life; the panorama is vast and is the subject of ongoing research by the Museum. A collection of maps and plans, dating back to the French regime, adds to the collection’s depth. This collection of documents has been developed over the course of the Museum’s projects and those of its partners.

The Museum’s library contains 2753 general and specialized works, most focusing on the history of the Royal Canadian Navy, World War II and the history of the St. Lawrence. There is also a collection of rare books in which some unique items are preserved, including Richard Hakluit’s Principal Navigations, Voyages, and Discoveries of the English Nation, from 1599.

Donations and Consultation Services

To make a donation to the Museum, be it objects, photographs or documents, click here to access the donation proposal page.

Researchers and students can also consult the collections of the archives centre. For consultation requests, you must contact us so that we can evaluate your needs and schedule an appointment.

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Our Foundation

Established in 1995, the main objectives of the Naval Museum of Québec Foundation are to increase awareness of and recognition for the Naval Museum of Québec, to foster meaningful partnerships, and to promote the Museum and its educational activities based on the values and principles of the historical, naval, and military communities. 

The Foundation works to preserve the memories of the sacrifices made by all those who fought for peace and brought comfort to the populations in distress. This is achieved by sharing historical knowledge, demonstrating open-mindedness, and recognizing sailors’ contributions to society. More specifically, the Foundation favours an artistic and cultural approach to the dissemination of history, which cannot be achieved without its philanthropic activities and the invaluable support of its volunteers, partners, patrons, and donors. 

Thank you for supporting the activities of the Naval Museum of Québec Foundation!

For more information: fondationmnq@gmail.com

Navire de guerre Musée Naval